Interested in Joining?

Then come along and visit us at Brean Beach on a Sunday and speak to club members who will be happy to give you more information.

Club House Telephone 01278 751545 (Answerphone)

There is an introductory course before joining costing � (including Public Liability Insurance) which consists of details of the Club, Safety Rules, Sailing techniques, type of Club Yacht for use by all members etc, and a short sail. If you join the club that day the � is deducted from the annual subscription

Contact Margaret Kathro by Telephone - 01373 824 179
or email

Recommended Kit

Waterproofs and helmets are available from the club. Motorcycling waterproof suits, or diving/sailing dry suits are ideal. Full face helmets with the visor open 1cm, backed up by glasses, are one way to ease the visibility/sand in eyes problem. Gloves are necessary to prevent chafed hands. Walking boots are ideal (the ones with 'eye' hooks can be a problem with steering lines though, and are not recommended). A dry change of clothes in which to go home is useful.

A Public toilet is at entrance to beach. It is open during winter on Sat + Sun only.

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