Club Membership Fees

Membership Fees for 2007 (1st Jan - 31st Dec) including Public Liability Insurance

Full sailing member with or without a yacht �.00 p.a.

Junior sailing member aged up to 18 years, 21 if in full time education, with or without a yacht �.00 p.a.

Social member � p.a.
Members guest �per day (restrictions apply)

Yacht parking �.37 p.a. inc VAT

Club Race days
(Usually) 4th Sunday of month. Start 10.00 am Briefing 11.00 am.

Before sailing

Put out signs (Sand Yachting in progress) at the 5 beach access points.
May-Sept: put white plastic tubes parallel to beach about 30' out - wide enough for a car parking area plus room for 2 cars to pass each other. Rig and park yachts on seaward side of the line of white tubes.

When sailing

Give all humans, dogs, horses and driftwood a wide and respectful berth. Sail to seaward of the 15 mph signs, and to landward of the mud. Under 16s should be overseen by a designated person at all times. Sailing is restricted to the part of the beach north of the ramp May - October until 6 pm. All club yachts have a number scratched near the position of the pilot's left elbow. If you notice any fault in a club yacht, please note it in the book kept at the south end of the clubhouse. All accidents should be noted in green book which is kept above the blackboard
At end of the day, wash yacht and sail, tidy up kit, return yacht to yacht park, roll up sail and put crane in bottom of bags, wash suits and take signs back in.


A Public toilet is at entrance to beach. It is open during winter on Saturday and Sunday only.

IF IN DOUBT - SHEET OUT. (This is an ancient piece of wisdom which means if you are worried about your safety, especially if you have only two wheels on the ground instead of the customary three, LET THE SHEET ROPE SLIDE THROUGH YOUR HANDS. Do not sit on the sheet rope or wind it around your hand.)
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